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As a North Yorkshire mum and gran (or ‘Snowy’ as my three grandkids call me), I never expected to take the leap into modelling. But my 70th year was a life-changer.

After a long career in television and pr and marketing, I thought retirement would be time to take things a little easier. But everything changed when my son Ed and daughter Sarah brought me a photo shoot for my birthday.

By a happy coincidence, the photographer was working on an ad campaign and asked me if I’d like to audition as they were looking for a model with silver hair. A few weeks later, I found myself in the Brussels Street Studio in Leeds with the creative team. I couldn’t believe it when they said I was going to appear on billboards across the UK for the Meatless Farm brand!

The rest you could say is history.

I now model for several fashion labels in Yorkshire. I’m also working on the Silver & Sassy campaign to encourage older women to boot out the ‘going grey gracefully’ mentality and celebrate their age.

I am proud to be represented by Jadore Models, Stanleys Model Management, and Alan Sharman Agency.

I’ve been lucky to enjoy a varied and busy career, but I didn’t think post retirement I would be still having the time of my life!

Let’s embrace our age

Don’t be afraid of the grey. Us mature models can rock and roll with the best of them

My three teenage grandchildren – Jack, Jacob and Jaime – think gran’s “amazing” for taking the leap into modelling! But I’m passionate about helping people take older mature models seriously.

Real consumers want to see real people. Older women have often brought up families and had busy careers, so we can bring a different perspective to modelling jobs.

There is a huge market out there for using silver models. But I am keen to see more brands, products and services being brave enough to profile 50, 60, 70-plus women in their advertising.

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