[Cover photo: Olivia Brabbs, Styling: Sara Anson, Make up: Sonia Schofield]

Behind every great model, there’s a great stylist (or sometimes two)! I have been lucky to work with some of Yorkshire’s finest…

I love the bustling atmosphere of a photo shoot. Having your make-up applied, messing about with props and discussing shots with the photographer. But if there’s one thing I love above all – it’s talking fashion with the stylists! They are full of brilliant fashion advice, have a fantastic eye for colour and design, and help us choose and co-ordinate outfits and to-die-for accessories. They know what’s going to make you look a million dollars.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sara Anson at Styled by Sara and Trudy Fielding from Trudy Beau Stylist on many occasions. Both are firm believers in the right clothes being able to boost self-esteem and confidence. I love their ethos.

Showreel filmed by Stevie Roy at Brussels Street Studio. Stylist Trudy Fielding

Styling seventy

I first met Trudy when she styled my 70th birthday photo shoot (a present from my lovely son and daughter). She created four very different looks, which everyone loved and have been great additions to my model portfolio. One was a legendary pink suit and another a pleather shirt – but what a revelation for me! I hadn’t seen or tried any of the outfits on, but every one looked perfect.

I met Trudy again when I was booked for a Meatless Farm billboard advert. Her brief was to create ‘Granny Annie’ and she was spot on with the two looks she created – one with a cute green cardi and the other a mustard jumper and blouse. The look was completed with a large pair of granny specs!

I’ve had some interesting cheeky comments from friends and family, and I loved my transformation into Granny Annie. I found it easy to get into the part knowing that I looked the part.

Photos: Olivia Brabbs, Styling: Sara Anson, Make up: Sonia Schofield

Style guru

Clothes and fashion have also been a huge passion for style pro Sara Anson. And we’ve worked together on many photo shoots including ones for the Silver & Sassy campaign.

“Clothes and fashion have always been a huge passion of mine,” says Sara, who trained with the Style Coaching Institute. “We can all lose our style mojo at some point, whether its due to becoming a new mum, going through the menopause, or simply getting stuck in a style rut. My aim is to help women rediscover their style and confidence.”

Sara says she understands first-hand what it’s like to lose your style confidence, especially as you get older.

“I’m 46, post menopausal and still want to look stylish and modern. I believe every women deserves to be the best version of themselves. I want to share my knowledge and help as many women as possible nail their unique style,” she says. “My favourite thing is watching someone’s confidence grow as we work together. Clothes have the power to change your mood and your body image. I absolutely love seeing someone smile when they’re wearing a fabulous outfit that I’ve chosen.”

Photos: Olivia Brabbs, Styling: Sara Anson, Make up: Sonia Schofield

Day in the life of a stylist

When she’s not doing studio work, Sara is preparing and researching shoppable mood boards and personalised shopping videos for clients. She also prepares and hosts online wardrobe edits and restyle sessions. She says her biggest challenge is trying to change people’s perception that personal styling is just for celebrities.

“People often think I’m going to make them throw everything away and spend lots of money! But this couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Sara, who co-hosted a sold-out York Fashion Week event last year. “My most popular service is my wardrobe edit – where I go through someone’s exisiting wardrobe and together we work out what works and what doesn’t.”

Above all, Sara aims to make styling sessions fun and informative. “When lockdown ends I think the biggest challenge will be getting everyone out of their loungewear! I like to push people a little out of their comfort zone. I won’t tell people not to wear a certain colour but I love to guide them to wear their favourite colour better. I want them to discover a a style that works for them, their lifestyle and budget – and sometimes, of course, fashion rules are made to be broken!”

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