I never thought I’d be embarking on a new career at 70-years-old, but I’m proof that you’re never too old to try something new! Here’s a litte bit more about me and my modelling – and why you should be brave and ‘just do it’ too

I’m Annie and I’m a 70-year-old, silver-haired model.

There I’ve said it! How on earth did I get here? And who is this woman who has stepped out from her previous life of food and drink into the dizzying world of fashion and modelling? And then became the face of ‘Granny Annie’ for Meatless Farm in a £1.5million national advertising campaign? Well I never!

I am still pinching myself. Just like I did all those years ago when I landed a food styling job on ITV’s This Morning – and a 35-year-long career in the media and TV food.

Then, like many older women, I tried to put off the alien world of retirement for as long as possible. I just couldn’t imagine what on earth I would do.

The answer came – after a couple of wrong turns – in the form of a photo shoot. And this led to my new career as a mature model. It feels so good to be here.

The golden age

It’s a funny thing this ageing business because I still feel hungry to do stuff. But many of us suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’, which can be a real confidence sapper.

In fact, the over 50s is a great time to explore new opportunites when you haven’t got other burdens. I’m excited about new possibilities and challenges. I know there are many 50/60/70-plus women who feel the same.

Last year, I promised Jack, my eldest grandson, that I would do a firewalk after supporting him on a similar charity event. He breezed through it of course, but walking on hot coals wasn’t something I really relished! But when a friend of mine, and motivational coach, Lisa Clifford announced she was running one, I had no excuse. Nearly 100 of us braved an atrociously wet evening – thankfully, in a magically lit teepee in a forest – baring our souls as well as our soles!

Lisa asked us all to come up with three words to help us find the courage we needed to propel us across the red hot coals. Digging deep, I came up with ‘Just Do It‘. And, to the chant of ‘Just Do It‘ from my fellow firewalkers, I did indeed Just Do It!

Ultimately, that’s all we have to do. And the only thing stopping you, is yourself.

Check out my alter ego ‘Granny Annie’ over at my Commercial Portfolio or learn more about me.